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Latest Update: Return to Remote Learning

  • Majority of classes fully online
  • Limited number of courses that require in-person instruction will be offered in hybrid format
  • Limited on-campus housing

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Research, community service, internships and creative projects are making summer memorable for many 澳门赌场 students. 

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You @ 澳门赌场

You @ 澳门赌场: youtube.com/watch?v=FFJFIm9grDU

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There’s no ONE way to be a Blue Hen, and that’s what makes the University of Delaware so special. At 澳门赌场, you’ll find plenty of ways to further your talents or try out new interests inside and outside of the classroom, even virtually. 

Engagement for 澳门赌场 Parents & Communities
Video: Engagement for 澳门赌场 Parents & Communities
Supporting Our Blue Hen Family
Video: Supporting our Blue Hen Family

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A.R. Siders: youtube.com/watch?v=3hQ8CspOGbs


Disaster Research Center

A.R. Siders studies climate change adaptation and managed retreat – a set of options for communities to avoid building or living near areas that are vulnerable to sea level rise or flood hazards. Ultimately, her goal is to use research to inform policy change and provide guidance to homeowners so they can make the best decision regarding relocation.

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"We must ensure that everyone is treated with respect and a sense of belonging. We should seek to find commonality, humanity, and civility to bridge our differences."


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